Walnut almond adlay tea

Product Information

It is made of carefully selected nuts, peanut milk powder obtained by the spray drying method, and the powder of roasted Job’s Tears cereal. It is a delicious and healthful tea that may be enjoyed by everyone.

Unlike ordinary Job’s Tears tea that has a dull taste, we have added almonds and pumpkin seeds to enhance the taste of nuts.
We also improved the quality of the product by mixing high quality walnuts.

Major ingredients:
Walnuts, almonds, peanut powder, pumpkin seeds.
Package unit:
1 ) A box: 18g x 8 packets, 18g x 15 packets, 18g x 30 packets, 18g x 80 packets, 18g x 100 packets
2) Economic pack : 18g x 50 packets
3) A sealed container: 600g and 1000g
4) Refill pack : 500g and 900g