Oriental raisin tree and arrow root tea

Product Information

Palatability and functionality have been maximized With Korean ORIENTAL RASIN TREE and ARROW ROOT carefully selected.
Freezing dry treatment under -40C make it possible to enjoy tea as it is real fresh ARROW ROOT juice in taste and flavor.
As well-being healthy functional tea, KOREAN ORIENTAL RASIN TREE fruit extracted juice, which go well with kudzu, has been added. It is good for liver and bowels disease, hangover, improvement of liver function,
It is alkaline food containing rich carbohydrate, minerals, Vitamin C, which is good for skin care, and diabetes.
Also ARROW ROOT promotes blood circulation, which is well known to be effective in removing thirsty, indigestion, fever, angina, headache, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

Major ingredients:
frozen dry kudzu juice powder, Hovenia dulcisThunb fruit extracted powder
Package unit: