Roast grain with yam tea

Product Information

It’s easy to drink stick type which contains healthy fifteen grains evenly.
Enjoy this tea when you are slightly hungry in the afternoon of hot summer days.

Chricteristics:It’s perfect combination made by composing ingredients of yam, whole grain, black bean, black sesame, millet, barley, redbean, foxtail millet, bean, glutinous rice, sprouting brown rice, whole wheat, black rice, oats and adlay.
It is a healthy drink for summer.
Grains contain many vitamins and carbohydrate.
So, It is great for peoples who have indigestion, busy work hours, and youth.

Major ingredients:
Black sesame powder, brown rice powder, soybean powder
Package unit:
1) A box : 20gx 12stick packets,
2) Economic pack : 20g x 40stickpackets
3) A sealed container: 900g