Honey citron Tea

Product Information

Honey contains various groups of vitamins(B,C) a minerals (potassium, zinc, calcium) in forms that could be easily absored.
It is good for the skin and promotes metabolism.
Honey is an excellent germicide and helps the breeding of Bifidus which is immune to various diseases with antibacterial effects.
Iron in honey aids in the prevention and treatment of anemia.

Citron has a unique scent and has long been pickled or infused for drinking.
It is good for colds, fevers, coughing, and swollen tonsils.
It has a perspiration effect, alleviates fever, and removes inflammation and cough.It is also
effective for hangovers and lost appetite of pregnant women.

Major ingredients:
Citron, Honey
Package unit:
Glass jar: 770g, 1000g and 2000g