Product Information

In order to remove the strong and bitter taste of ordinary Ssang Hwa Tea (Herbal tonic tea) products, we came up with the optimal combination of fresh arrow root, ginger, and jujube extracts.
Our product provides a lively nutty taste with sliced jujube, almonds, and pine-nuts added. It is a healthy beverage for everyone.

Most of the ingredients including jujube are processed through up-to-date technology, namely, the vacuum freeze drying system.
Through the system the colors, texture, and aroma of the ingredients are kept in their original state.
In particular, adding it to water, will recover their shape of each ingredient.
The shape is very close to the original state of the ingredient prior to the drying stage.
This doubles the freshness of our products and that is our unique advantages that differentiates us from others.

Major ingredients:
Jujubes, pine nuts, almonds, concentrated ginger powder, and concentrated Ssang Hwa Tea (Herbal tonic tea) powder
Package unit:
1 ) A box: 18g x 15 packets, 18g x 30 packets.
2) Economic pack: 15g x 40 packets